The Chronicles of Pablo

Chapter 2: Summer is                                                  over 

It’s September. Trees start dropping their leaves on the muddy ground, sticking all together, in multicolours. Outside of the window, I could see little children dressing up in their school uniforms, jumping around, carring school bags with them, excited to go to school. All I could think about was summer, and how I spent my holiday. What I did, and what I didn’t do. How I behaved and how I should of. It was an awesome summer, but also complicated to tell people about. 

 Dressed up in my school uniform, I get ready to go to school. Once I got there, I saw all my friends, talking about how was their vacation. For some reasons, I felt weird, talking to my friends, about my holiday. I also felt a tinny tear on my cheek. What was that?? I was probably missing being with my old friends, and being with Connor all the time. I try to hide my saddness, when I suddently see a familiar face coming towards me. I was happy to see it. As Lory arrived by the place where I was sitting, she said hi, and then gave me a hug. We had a little chat about how was our vacation, of course I didnt tell her most of the part of my holiday.

  Finally, the bell rings. Me and my friends get ready to go to lessons. While walking to our class, I just tell myself that this school year is going to change me, and I just cant wait to see what this school year is going to bring me.

  The first day of school is over. I am on my way home, when I suddently get a text from Connor:”Hey! What’s up?”. I ignore it, although I miss talking to him. I had to get home first.

  Once I got home, I realised my mum isn’t home, she was still at work. So I just grabbed my school bag and went upstairs, in my bedroom. Tired, I lay in bed, thinking about my summer. It was pretty cool, but I should of told Lory about what happened…
*Find out in the next chapter what happened to Cristina while she was on her vacation, and if she wil tell her best friend, Lory, about it.*


The Chronicles of Pablo 


*6:30 AM* 

Getting off the bed, I get a message from my best friend, Lory, saying: “OMG!!! PABLO JUST ASKED ME OUT!!!”. Confused, I text her in a rush saying:” Who’s Pablo?”                                                    I am thinking for a minute, then I remember that I saw Lory and a handsome  guy talking and having a laugh together. Right when I was about to ask Lory if Pablo is the guy that she was flirting with, I get a “Good Morning” message from my boyfriend, Connor. Happily to see the message, I completely forget about texting Lory. Connor was just so sweet. Too bad I knew from the start the relationship will go to end sooner or later, because we were living miles away from each other, and we got to see each other twice a year…Although, it was July, and I’ve been dreaming a lot about the day I will see Connor again. Couldn’t stop thinking about the day we will see each other, and he will protect me with his warm hugs, and he will make me feel better by kissing my soft lips. 


While I was Day dreaming about my perfect summer with my perfect boyfriend, Lory sent me a message:” I think you know him. I was talking to him yesterday, and then you came over to lend me some money.” 

I didn’t replied…I was trying to get ready for school. From the start of the morning, I knew this day will be a different day. 

*11:00 am*

It’s break time. Me and Lory meet with the other girls, Mary, Izzie and Chleo. They were all talking about the mysterious guy that Lory was dating. At least, I thought he was mysterious. How could I not notice him all this time while I was in this school, and suddently, he appears into our lives? That’s mysterious. Not a long time after that, Pablo and his mates, Owem, Justin and Alex, came over.

Pablo and Lory were just so cute. The whole break up, while Pablo was hugging Lory, and holding her hand, I just couldn’t wait to meet Connor, and have the amazing summer ever. It was just so romantic, and just so cute,  watching my best friend, being happy. 

But was she gonna remain happy with him forever?

*Find out in my next chapter- which is going to be published in two days* 

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Making My first Online book

Hi, guys! I have decided that I should make a little love story, that will be devided in chapters, and I will try to post the chapters as often as I can. So please make sure you will read the little love story, and like it as well, and also  follow me for more posts! Xoxo, adelaromanianneko 


I am finally home. For me, home dooesn’t mean a small place with walls where everything is seated on their places. ‘Home’ means a place, where your family and your all good friends are, waiting for you, so exited to see you after a long time. Family, getting ready with few weeks before you come home, and waiting for you with a nice hot meal. That’s what it actuall means. Home, you got to feel like you belong there. After you get home, start to expore the world more. Do what you like to do. Feel confortable.I was this morning to a radio show, to see how people record and peform live to radio. It was so amazing. I didn’t only get to see how to record and how does this work, but I also saw how people talk in live, and it felt so different than listening to the radio. It was just so amazing. I can’t wait to be a journalist one day! XD

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High school

I think that High School is a tough time that you have to handle for 5 years. People that you don’t know will become people who you wish you would have known since ever. The people that were nothing to you became everything to you. And people that bully you…they are silly and jealous of how smart and great you are. You wish you wouldn’t meet this people. People like them are the reason we become strong people. In life we get challenges that make us stronger every day. Life is made out of bad memories that will remain stuck in your head forever. I’ve been bullied few times by people in school. I usually ignore those people, because all it matters to me is just the fact that I have true people with true colors who love me and care about me . Although, I would like to thank to these people who tried to make me uncomfortable, because they actually made me a strong person! “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!”

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St Illtyds High School

Since I’ve started the new School year, something has been bodering me. The fact that in school, we are no longer allowed with phones. If a teacher sees you on your phone, they will take it away from you and give it back by the end of the day. Loads of teachers are watching us all the time. Many pupils started going to the toilet more often, and not because they need to, but because there are note cameras or teachers, which means it’s a safe place to check if someone texted you on messanger, or Snapchat, or WhatsApp. Of course, at first I wasn’t agree with this new rule because it’s our human right to have our phones all the time. Now, if I think about it, the teachers are right. 90% of pupils from St Illtyds got better grades this year because of the new ‘NO MOBILE PHONE’ rule. I actually started reading books in my free time in school, instead of getting my eyes tired from technology. Now that we don’t have phones, sometimes we use either windows tablets or learningpads in lessons, for getting informations. Of course, I prefer windows tablets, because they have more quality than the learningpads.

As every High School, St Illtyds has a Canteen room. I think that the Canteen room is very good for a school. What I think it’s that the canteen room should have been bigger. So many pupils want to get into the Canteen room, but they have to wait because other 50 pupils are already there. And as long as they are waiting, the break is finishing. Of course, if I don’t like some rules, I still respect them, because I am not in that school to make my own rules. I am there to respect the rules for my future. In future you got to respect people wherever you go, because your mother wouldn’t be proud of you if you would of have an argument with someone older than you. I would like to say that my school is a very good school, with friendly people. Every one is friendly in their own ways.   My  school’s website is right down  below. Like and a follow would be great for my blog. Thank you! 😛


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Digital Leader

OMG! I know I am not that popular on this blog website, but I just wanted to inform the people who view my posts, that I have become in my class a Digital Leader. And I will go to meetings about ICT, and I will learn about ICT, and I will probably fix some Computers as well. This is a huge opportunity for me, because I wanna take ICT for my GCEC exams, and I think by being a Digital Leader I will have more knowledge about ICT that I have now. 😛 Also, my best friend is a Digital leader in her class. This is just awesome. I can’t wait to learn about ICT 😀