The Chronicles of Pablo

Chapter 2: Summer is                                                  over 

It’s September. Trees start dropping their leaves on the muddy ground, sticking all together, in multicolours. Outside of the window, I could see little children dressing up in their school uniforms, jumping around, carring school bags with them, excited to go to school. All I could think about was summer, and how I spent my holiday. What I did, and what I didn’t do. How I behaved and how I should of. It was an awesome summer, but also complicated to tell people about. 

 Dressed up in my school uniform, I get ready to go to school. Once I got there, I saw all my friends, talking about how was their vacation. For some reasons, I felt weird, talking to my friends, about my holiday. I also felt a tinny tear on my cheek. What was that?? I was probably missing being with my old friends, and being with Connor all the time. I try to hide my saddness, when I suddently see a familiar face coming towards me. I was happy to see it. As Lory arrived by the place where I was sitting, she said hi, and then gave me a hug. We had a little chat about how was our vacation, of course I didnt tell her most of the part of my holiday.

  Finally, the bell rings. Me and my friends get ready to go to lessons. While walking to our class, I just tell myself that this school year is going to change me, and I just cant wait to see what this school year is going to bring me.

  The first day of school is over. I am on my way home, when I suddently get a text from Connor:”Hey! What’s up?”. I ignore it, although I miss talking to him. I had to get home first.

  Once I got home, I realised my mum isn’t home, she was still at work. So I just grabbed my school bag and went upstairs, in my bedroom. Tired, I lay in bed, thinking about my summer. It was pretty cool, but I should of told Lory about what happened…
*Find out in the next chapter what happened to Cristina while she was on her vacation, and if she wil tell her best friend, Lory, about it.*


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