The Chronicles of Pablo 


*6:30 AM* 

Getting off the bed, I get a message from my best friend, Lory, saying: “OMG!!! PABLO JUST ASKED ME OUT!!!”. Confused, I text her in a rush saying:” Who’s Pablo?”                                                    I am thinking for a minute, then I remember that I saw Lory and a handsome  guy talking and having a laugh together. Right when I was about to ask Lory if Pablo is the guy that she was flirting with, I get a “Good Morning” message from my boyfriend, Connor. Happily to see the message, I completely forget about texting Lory. Connor was just so sweet. Too bad I knew from the start the relationship will go to end sooner or later, because we were living miles away from each other, and we got to see each other twice a year…Although, it was July, and I’ve been dreaming a lot about the day I will see Connor again. Couldn’t stop thinking about the day we will see each other, and he will protect me with his warm hugs, and he will make me feel better by kissing my soft lips. 


While I was Day dreaming about my perfect summer with my perfect boyfriend, Lory sent me a message:” I think you know him. I was talking to him yesterday, and then you came over to lend me some money.” 

I didn’t replied…I was trying to get ready for school. From the start of the morning, I knew this day will be a different day. 

*11:00 am*

It’s break time. Me and Lory meet with the other girls, Mary, Izzie and Chleo. They were all talking about the mysterious guy that Lory was dating. At least, I thought he was mysterious. How could I not notice him all this time while I was in this school, and suddently, he appears into our lives? That’s mysterious. Not a long time after that, Pablo and his mates, Owem, Justin and Alex, came over.

Pablo and Lory were just so cute. The whole break up, while Pablo was hugging Lory, and holding her hand, I just couldn’t wait to meet Connor, and have the amazing summer ever. It was just so romantic, and just so cute,  watching my best friend, being happy. 

But was she gonna remain happy with him forever?

*Find out in my next chapter- which is going to be published in two days* 

Xoxo, adelaromanianneko


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