I am finally home. For me, home dooesn’t mean a small place with walls where everything is seated on their places. ‘Home’ means a place, where your family and your all good friends are, waiting for you, so exited to see you after a long time. Family, getting ready with few weeks before you come home, and waiting for you with a nice hot meal. That’s what it actuall means. Home, you got to feel like you belong there. After you get home, start to expore the world more. Do what you like to do. Feel confortable.I was this morning to a radio show, to see how people record and peform live to radio. It was so amazing. I didn’t only get to see how to record and how does this work, but I also saw how people talk in live, and it felt so different than listening to the radio. It was just so amazing. I can’t wait to be a journalist one day! XD

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Xoxo, popcoin


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