St Illtyds High School

Since I’ve started the new School year, something has been bodering me. The fact that in school, we are no longer allowed with phones. If a teacher sees you on your phone, they will take it away from you and give it back by the end of the day. Loads of teachers are watching us all the time. Many pupils started going to the toilet more often, and not because they need to, but because there are note cameras or teachers, which means it’s a safe place to check if someone texted you on messanger, or Snapchat, or WhatsApp. Of course, at first I wasn’t agree with this new rule because it’s our human right to have our phones all the time. Now, if I think about it, the teachers are right. 90% of pupils from St Illtyds got better grades this year because of the new ‘NO MOBILE PHONE’ rule. I actually started reading books in my free time in school, instead of getting my eyes tired from technology. Now that we don’t have phones, sometimes we use either windows tablets or learningpads in lessons, for getting informations. Of course, I prefer windows tablets, because they have more quality than the learningpads.

As every High School, St Illtyds has a Canteen room. I think that the Canteen room is very good for a school. What I think it’s that the canteen room should have been bigger. So many pupils want to get into the Canteen room, but they have to wait because other 50 pupils are already there. And as long as they are waiting, the break is finishing. Of course, if I don’t like some rules, I still respect them, because I am not in that school to make my own rules. I am there to respect the rules for my future. In future you got to respect people wherever you go, because your mother wouldn’t be proud of you if you would of have an argument with someone older than you. I would like to say that my school is a very good school, with friendly people. Every one is friendly in their own ways.   My  school’s website is right down  below. Like and a follow would be great for my blog. Thank you! 😛


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One thought on “St Illtyds High School

  1. The school our children went to had the same rule about mbl phones. There is a strong addictive element to social media, txting, mbl ph’s. Personally I think it dumbs people down and certainly gets in the way of healthy relationship development. It’s a good rule. There is a time and a place for ph use and school is not it.

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