‘It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS’

IT’S BEGINNING TO LOOK A LOT LIKE CHRISTMAS… Every where you go, you see people dressed in warm coats, walking  to Wonderland. The place that every one loves. A magical place of Christmas, where you have fun with your Family. Once you walk there, you hear Sweet Christmas Songs, you smell food, sweets, and hot chocolate, and more important, you see people having fun. For example, they are skating with their friends. They fall and laugh. Other people are scared by getting into the Giant Wheel…An amazing feeling, but also scary, because you feel like you could fall any second. Other people are are just having fun by seeing young people having fun. Of course, Wonderland can’t replace the wonderful Christmas. Christmas is about family, spending time together, making the Christmas tree, watching a movie, and drinking choco in warm clothes. That’s Christmas, but as long as you are with your family, having a great time, then it probably doesn’t matter where you are. Family and friendship last more long than you actually think. That’s why we can’t live without those people. They are a part of us. Each one is a part of us. So, I hope you guys will have fun this Christmas!


XoXo, RebelTeenagerNeko13 Imagini pentru christmas wonderland


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