Life Day 24.11.2016

Hello, there! Sorry for not posting in a while! I had some stuff to resolve. As you can see, I don’t have any ideas for what should I write about. Well, I’m gonna tell you what I’ve been doing these past few days.

I usually don’t socialize, because I don’t have pretty much things I could talk about. People say sometimes I’m like a closed book. I like keeping stuff for myself. As a usually teenager, I feel rebel! :))))))) This is my behavior with adults and other teenagers that I don’t usually talk to. When it comes to talk to my best friends….oh….I could just say I act childish. I love being loved 🙂 and my best friends are the best. Sometimes I act mad just to get their attention. How I said, I act childish and they love me :3 B (Bree) and K (Katrina) are so funny. Bree has a different style, and this is why I love her so much, and Katrina it’s so funny. She is in my class and we stay together in every lesson. But B, it’s in a different Class. We (Kat & I) are meeting with B every break time, and usually go around the school like some rebels that wouldn’t care about some stupid rules made by  some strange woman from our lives called “HEADTEACHER”. Or we just hang out in art and test our art skills. These past few days I bought myself 3 OF ” Crazy Aaron’s Thinking putty”. These are so cool! It only cost me like 10pounds. Really funny. Anyway. Tomorrow It’s finally FRIDAY! YAY! I’M GONNA SLEEP THIS WHOLE WEEKEND! DFC! Well! I have a lot things to do before to go to bed, so bye, every one! 🙂

Xoxo, rebelteenagerneko13


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