The Crime Story

The man, with his wife’s blood on his hands, was sitting on the couch. Thinking what he should do with his wife, he decided to wash his dirty hands. After words, He took his wife’s body, And dropped it into the car.He grabbed his key car, and took off. He didn’t know where he was going to, but he knew why he left the house. He went far, far away from his city, in a big, dark forest, with big, green trees, who could hide his face from the bright light of the moon. He finally stopped in the middle of the forest. Without any second thoughts about his decision, he buried his wife in there. He felt so horrible for what he did to her, but he couldn’t stop thinking of how she treated him. She deserved it!

After he said goodbye to a dead body buried, he took his car, and went home. All the way back home, he was thinking of his wife. How could she have been such a blessed angel, but when it’s turned out, she was actually the sweet devil? Because he was thinking so badly about his wife, he forgot he was driving. Which it caused a car accident. This man’s last memories were the import moments of his life’s. Then he died….he was…Kira.


Hope you enjoyed this story. I made it. I got inspired my Death Note, Kira’s theme song.

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