Nothing makes me happy than just stay home and watch my favorite movies, or read a book out loud, and give life to characters. But most of the time, I just chill, and socialise with my friends on social media. As every teenager, I use my phone a lot. Some people say that phones are not educational, and 90% of the teenager are not that smart to use their phones right. Of course, I use my phone as a way to talk with my friends, to play games, watch funny clips, watch Anime, and listen to music. But apparently, the headteacher of my school things the phones are disturbing  us from learning, so she banned then this year. I can’t say anything to her, unfortunately, but my English teacher helped me to write some letters about this serious problem. She said she will give then to the headteacher. Somehow, I hope she will allow us to use our phones in school. If you think this rule is unuseful, comment pls. 


                Xoxo,  Rebelteenagerneko13 


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