A normal day….waking up at 6:30, leave home at 7:20, and get to school at 8:05.
Once was in school, Only two girls that I barely know were  chatting. Without any comments about their little chat, I’ve dropped my bag on the floor, then sat down, hopping my friend, Katrina, will get in school any minute.
I’ve waited 5 minutes. Then,  looking thru the window, I saw my two Polish Friends, Olivia & Kasha. Happy to see them, I ran like a little kido to them. When Olivia saw me, a smile on her face was trying to get my attention. She was so damn happy to see me, because we don’t hang too much together. She is one year younger than me, and we barely see each other sometimes.
After we spent some time together, the bell finally rushed to ring, like it wanted us so badly to start the school.
I went o my reg class, as in every morning, at 8:30. There was waiting for me Katrina. How to say this?? Katrina is always excited to see me, for some reasons. I don’t even think of myself as a popular person, which I’m truly not, but I can say I’m Adorable sometimes 🙂 
After we finished the register, the bell called for the next lesson. Our first lesson was English, but unfortunately, I had to go somewhere else instead of English for some personal reasons.
After English, I had History. of course, I couldn’t do my work properly, because some stupid dumbass wouldn’t leave me alone with his annoying voice.
Finally, after History, we had break time. As every time, I went with my friend Katrina at the bathroom. Why there?? Because there is always going our best friend, Bree, In break time. Bree is my age, she usually got a poker face, but sometimes she got feelings that you don’t even knew she have. 
Anyway, after other 3 hours of school, We finally went home.

When I got home, I was waiting as always for my mum to get home from work. I was sitting on the couch, watching YouTube. After 2 hrs of watching some intresting and funny vines, my mum came home. She bought some  sweets. I told her about my writing skills, and she was so proud of this. She decided to buy a notebook to write whatever comes in my mind where ever I am. Was  a great Idea.
Also, she showed me what should I buy to Bree for her Birthday. it’s on 2nd of December. 
ANYWAY, after 30 minuted  my mum preparer the dinner, and after we ate, she brang the sweetie part. THE DESERT.
Now, the night has come. The moon, as every day, is telling us we need to sleep, to forget about the problems we have every day, and get rest.  For me, the  best way to go in a magic land of sleep, is to read a book, then slightly walk, and follow my way, ’till I get into my world, and finally sleep.
Xoxo, Rebelteenagerneko13

Xoxo, Rebelteenagerneko13 


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